Requesting Tokens 

Reach out Brink representative, Tori ( with the below wording:

  • I, (name), request Brink API URL and Location tokens for Fishbowl for the following locations:
    Server: admin18
    (List out all locations)

Mapping Brink Tokens Delightable Brands

  1. Log into
    1. Select the desired Brand
  2. Click Connect
  3. Click the Brink tile and click 'connect"
  4. Enter in a name that makes sense to you for the Connection. We recommend as a best practice ["List Name" Brink] to keep it simple and straightforward.
  5.  Enter in "api1" for instance
  6. Enter in the token for the brand
  7. Click add
  8. Please send an email to to notify us after you have completed connections for all stores. Once our Implementation Team has been alerted, we can begin to validate that the data  is flowing as expected.

Congrats! You have connected this data source! Repeat for any additional Stores you may be connecting