Call to Action Best Practices

Getting recipients to click on the call to action, or CTA, in your campaign is often the primary action that you want your recipients to take.  Whether the CTA is a link to a new seasonal menu, an offer code, or a banner for online ordering, the tips below can help you increase conversions and get your recipients to click.

Quick tips

  • Keep the campaign design and any animation simple and easy to understand
  • Make design decisions to help the CTA stand out to maximize conversions
  • Point (literally) to the CTA using the campaign copy and images

Create Urgency

If you have a limited offer or your campaign that is time-sensitive, use it to your advantage with a CTA that raises the sense of urgency. People hate to miss out. Use CTA copy that lets your recipient know that they must act now to enjoy the benefits.

Use Contrasting Colors

Take a look at your design and choose a button color that will stand out. Make sure the button color pops without clashing with the background and text colors. The goal is to make it cohesive while still ensuring the CTA is the loudest color on the screen.

Less is More

If you have too much clutter in your campaign, the CTA will be hard to find no matter how bright or how big. Think about the negative space in the design. Make sure there is enough white space around your button to avoid any visual noise.

Try Adding Directional Cues

Many people have found success by adding arrows that point to the CTA. While this is a good way to draw your readers to the button, it might also be distracting to the content. A more subtle technique is to use imagery that points to the CTA.