When you select a row, the row properties will have a Customize Columns section, where you can manage the columns inside that row, add columns, modify columns, and apply additional settings.

Adding a new column

Clicking on + Add new will add a new column inside the row. The new column is always added to the far right, with default size 2. The widget will automatically find the best resize option to adapt to the addition of a new column. The minimum column width is 2, and rows can have a maximum of 6 columns. 

Deleting a column

A column can be removed from a row by clicking the Delete action in the top-right of the column properties. When a column is deleted, the nearest column on the left gets its width. If the deleted column is the first on the left, the right column will take the width. 

Resizing columns

Columns can be resized by dragging the divider icon between two columns to the left or to the right. Your changes will be shown on the design canvas as you change the widths.

Other column settings

Additional settings for each column within a row allow control of background color, padding and borders for a selected column.