How do I edit a user's role?

1:  Click on “Settings” 

2: Go to the "Users" tab

3: Find the user you'd like to update, and click on the pencil icon located under the Actions column to the right

4: Select from the Role drop-down which access-level you'd like to assign


Role Description Use Case

Person involved in nearly all actions around marketing initiatives. Can set up new connections and Import/Export Data where available.

This role is appropriate for someone whose day-to-day primary job function involves the utilization of delightable. From building campaigns to addressing customer issues.

Manager Person Approving User actions or Monitor's actions, may typically include a Franchise Owner 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Corporate Owner
  • Trusted Person
  • Product/Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
Monitoring User Person approving User actions, typically an owner of a group of store's 

User is trusted with editing data
  • Mid-Level Manager
  • Franchise Owner
  • Trusted Person
  • Finance Manager
  • Product/Project Regional Manager
User No Access to PII Data
Limited Access to Download/Export Data

This role is approrpiate for someone like the CEO/CMO,  a person who is not using the product daily but can access reports and easily see a high-level summary of what is going on