Email Design Best Practices

When you are creating your mailings, use best practices, and always keep both desktop and mobile recipients in mind as you design your mailings.


Also known as Preview Text.  Text that follows a subject line when an email is previewed in an email client or on a mobile phone. 

  • Use as a CTA to help grab the attention of mobile users.
  • People are busy – so make your pre-header compelling.


Normally contains your logo and navigations elements

  • Recommendation: periodically change links featured in navigation, so they relate to message content.


This is the first thing your recipient will see when they open your message.

  • Engage and excite the recipients so they continue reading.
  • Keep it short and sweet – and to the point!

Body Content

  • Consider your reader: computer vs. smartphone.
  • Sentence length: 1-2 lines (especially leading to a link).
  • Paragraph length should not exceed 4-5 lines.
  • Outline all of the details to your offer, invitation, or event.
  • Establish a clear visual hierarchy.
  • Ensure all links stand out.
  • Utilize HTML text whenever possible – ensure message content is delivered if images are not enabled.

Email Footer 

Content that appears at the bottom of the email. This area generally contains store information, links, and legal copy.

  • Be sure to include restriction information for any promotions displayed in your mailing.
  • Additional links to consider: update profile, social media, store locator, and menu.
  • Messages must contain an unsubscribe link and an address. It’s recommended that these be included in the footer of the message where recipients are likely to look for them.
  • Footers often include copyright and mailing information as well. 

Mobile-only Versions

Members are opening the majority of emails on a mobile device versus a desktop so always test for both.

  • To ensure optimization the width should be 350 pixels or less. If you are building your emails with our drag & drop editor, your emails will be responsive automatically, but be sure to preview desktop and mobile versions. 
  • Single column layout is best for display of content and images.
  • Consider larger CTAs so they are easily clicked with a finger on a smart phone.
  • Use live text to accelerate download time