How do I set up my guest sign up page?

Easily personalize your sign up pages all within our GRM.

1. On the Navigation bar to the left, click on "Acquire"

2. Go to the "Guest Sign Up Pages" tab

3. Upload a banner image using the correct specs: 

    • Width - Min 640px | Max 2460px
    • Height - Min 320px | Max 640px
      • Please note: Banner Graphic should contain no copy or logo
      • We recommend using PNG or JPEG files

4. Fill out headline text (large type that lives below the banner image. One line maximum.)

    • Example: Signup for {BRAND Name} mailing list!

5. Fill out the sub-headline text (medium type that lives below the Headline Text.)

    • There's always something happening at {BRAND NAME} and we want you to be the first to know. When you become am eClub member, you'll receive offers, updates, and more straight to your email. Don't miss out!

6.  Wedding Anniversary is an optional field available if you wish to display this question on your guest sign up page simply go ahead and check the box.

7. Next is the Legal section

    • Where you will specify the Age Requirement this is the minimum age to participate in your program. You can either keep the default legal minimum age of 13 or select a higher minimum age restriction.
    • Lastly, you’ll be asked to provide your Privacy Policy link as well as the URL to your Term & Conditions. If you don’t have both that is absolutely okay but at a minimum it is required to have at least one or the other present on your Sign up Page.

If you would like additional custom fields, we support drop-down option questions you can create. 

1. Go to Custom Fields under Acquire ∨ on the navigation bar

2. Click on the Create Field button on the top right

3. Add Field Name and Description

4. Hit "Yes" if you would like this field added to your sign up pages

5. You have the option to also include this data on your guests' profiles. These custom fields can be used to tag guests and segment. 

6. To create a list of options, comma separate the values you wish your guests to select from in a drop-down

Alternatively, you can utilize our subscription api if you would like to further customize your sign up pages while using our public-facing api to send those opt-ins directly to Fishbowl's database. 

We can work with your technical team for further assistance. Once hooked up, we take care of running new members through our proprietary Guest Matching Algorithm. 

If you encounter any issues, please let us know by submitting a ticket.