How do I use the Drag & Drop editor?

Our drag & drop email editor makes it easy to create beautiful messages that can be used to send your email campaigns. It combines ease of use with features that give you full control of the design of your mailings. Its drag-and-drop interface enables you to design a mailing without any knowledge of HTML, and produces code that adapts automatically to the smaller screens of mobile devices. 

Using the Drag & Drop Editor

Using our drag & drop editors to create emails or landing pages is intuitive and easy to learn.  This quick overview will help you understand the parts of the editors and what you can do, as well as where to find additional information on each topic.


This is where you will choose and edit the specific content elements that make up your email or landing page: text, images, offer barcodes (only available in the email editor), custom HTML, video, and more. 


Here you can add rows in a variety of layouts, including Saved Rows.  Editing of the row properties will be done on the left after adding your rows. For emails, you can also add Display Conditions to a row.


Here is where you will define some overall settings that affect the entire content. For example, width, background color, and default font family.