How do I set my email audience?

Audience and Details


  • List: This is the List to which the mailing will be deployed. All members who have subscribed to the list you choose will receive the mailing. If you defined default values for From NameFrom Address, or Reply-To address when you created your list, then these values will be added when you select your list. 
  • Segmentation: Select which saved segments you would like to include or exclude.  Segments will filter down your list based on the rules defined in the segments. Ad hoc segmentation can be combined with saved segments or used on its own, in either inclusionary or exclusionary segmentation. 
  • Store: You are able to choose which stores you would like to send your mailing to. Click on "Add & Edit" and check which stores you would like to include. You also have the option to select all stores. Once stores are selected, click save.

Mailing Details 

  • Subject: This is what recipients will see as the subject line. The subject can include mail merge fields, Predefined Links, and Dynamic Content.
  • Preview Text: This is what will be used for inbox preview text in desktop or mobile inboxes. In addition to a compelling subject line, the preview text can help encourage your recipients to open your email. 
  • From Name: This is typically the name that a recipient will see in the "From" field in their e-mail client. The From Name is sometimes called the "friendly from fame" because it usually identifies the sender and is displayed instead of the sender's e-mail address. The From Name can include mail merge fields, Predefined Links, and Dynamic Content. From address is not editable in details. See this article for more details on campaign settings. 
  • From Address: This is the address associated with the sender of the e-mail. In some e-mail programs, both the From Name and the From Address are displayed. Your From Address always ends in a domain name associated with your Engage account. So your From Address might be, for example, "" The domain name must end in because e-mail servers receiving your e-mail from Engage will check to make sure that the domain name in the From Address is actually affiliated with the server sending the e-mail. If you used a From Address like, the receiving e-mail server would detect that the domain does not point to the Fishbowl mail server, and would likely flag your message as spam. By using a From Address with a domain name that points back to the Fishbowl mail server (such as, you ensure that your e-mail will be recognized as legitimate. The From Address can include mail merge fields, Predefined Links, and Dynamic Content.
  • Reply-To Address: This is the address to which messages will be sent if a recipient clicks "reply" in his or her e-mail program. This should be a working e-mail address at your organization that is checked on a regular basis by your customer service team or someone associated with your e-mail marketing programs. The Reply-To Address can include mail merge fields, Predefined Links, and Dynamic Content.