In order to enable the Mailchimp connection to migrate members, you will need the following information from MailChimp: API Key, Server Prefix, and Audience ID

To generate an API key, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the API Keys section of your Mailchimp account.
  2. Click Create New Key under Your API keys.
  3. Name your key. Be descriptive so you know which app uses that key. Remember that you’ll only see this name and the first 4 characters of your key on your list of API keys.
  4. Click Generate Key.
  5. Once we generate your key, click Copy Key to Clipboard. Save your key someplace secure–you won’t be able to see or copy it again. If you lose this key, you’ll need to generate a new key and update any integration that uses it.
  6. Click Done.
  7. While on this page, you will also want to identify your Server Prefix, which is located at the beginning of the URL. 

In this example the Server Prefix is us9

Find your audience ID

To find your audience ID, follow these steps.

  1. Click Audience.
  2. Click All contacts.
  3. If you have more than one audience, click the Current audience drop-down and choose the one you want to work with.
  4. Click the Settings drop-down and choose Audience name and defaults.
  5. In the Audience ID section, you’ll see a string of letters and numbers. This is your audience ID.

Mapping Mailchimp API Key, Server Prefix, Audience ID to Delightable Brands

  1. Log into 
    1. Select the desired Brand
  2. Click Connect
  3. Click the Mailchimp tile
  4. Enter in a name that makes sense to you for the Connection. We recommend as a best practice ["List Name" Mailchimp] to keep it simple and straightforward. 
  5. Enter in the Mailchimp API Key
  6. Enter in the Server Prefix
  7. Enter in the Audience ID
  8. Click Add