Subject Line Best Practices

  • Instill Curiosity:
    Use teaser language that instills curiosity, but don’t be too vague.
  • Provide Incentive, Promote Action:
    Tease offer (or mention directly if rich offer). If no offer, still use action words that inspire and instill a sense of urgency and incentive. 
  • Short and Sweet:
    Focus on the composition of the first 2-3 words. Keep your character count under 50. Utilize preview text for more context.
  • Personalization:
    Make the member feel special and unique. Utilize first name, but be sure the name flows well within the subject line. Also, use segmentation when possible.
  • Avoid Spam:
    Keep consecutive capitalization and punctuation to a minimum. Many marketers use emojis; only use them when the context makes sense.