How do I create content & design for an email campaign?

You have three options for creating content for your mailing:

  1. Custom Design
    Use the drag & drop editor to build your layout and content from scratch.   
  2. Custom HTML
    If you are building your own HTML, select this option.  You can paste your HTML into the “Enter HTML” box.  Use the easy copy HTML to text option to create the text version of your mailing.
  3. Select a Template
    Any custom templates for your brand will appear first in the list of templates, followed by any "generic" templates that have been provided by Personica. Select the template you would like to begin with, then make your edits.

Create a Mailing with the Drag & Drop Editor

Our drag & drop email editor makes it easy to create beautiful messages that can be used to send your email campaigns. It combines ease of use with features that give you full control of the design of your mailings. Its drag-and-drop interface enables you to design a mailing without any knowledge of HTML, and produces code that adapts automatically to the smaller screens of mobile devices. 

To start your mailing using the drag & drop editor:

  1. Step 1 - Once you get to the Content & Design in Delightable, click on Drag n' Drop.
  2. Step 2- To create a drag & drop mailing, you can use the custom design option, which lets you use the drag & drop editor to build your mailing, or you can select one of your custom templates or a generic template. If you are creating an HTML version, please refer down below. 
  3. Step 3 - You can review the details of your mailing, including a preview.  We will also test the link and image URLs to make sure that all are hitting URLs that can be reached.
    You can also preview a full-size version of your mailing, on mobile or desktop, and resolve the merge codes in the preview if you wish to.  You can send tests to yourself or any other testers.
  4. Once you have completed your mailing and your testing, you can send the mailing now or schedule it to be sent at a later date/time.  (Schedule and send now is only available on non-triggered mailings.) 

HTML, Text & Online Versions

The drag-and-drop editor will automatically keep your HTML, Text, and Online versions synced with the same content as you are building your mailing. If you need to change something in one version but not the others, you can leverage Display Conditions and control which version of your mailing a row will appear in if you don't want it in all three versions: HTML & Text; HTML & Online; Online & Text; HTML only; Text only; or Online only.