What are Store Details?

Store Status: Determines how members can interact with the store's join pages and campaigns. The Status selection creates default settings for the Display on Member Subscribe Page setting.
  • Open – Use this for a store that is ready to send campaigns. The default settings will allow members to join through the join pages and receive campaigns from the stores.
  • Coming Soon – Use this for a store that wants to start collecting members without sending campaigns from that store. No campaigns will go out for this store, but members can join through the join pages.
  • Temporarily Closed – Use this for a store that is closed seasonally or for renovations. No campaigns will go out for this store, but members can join through the join pages.
  • Closed – Use this status while editing an existing store if a store closes or stops using campaigns. 

Store Code: A unique value per brand used as a store identifier. Acceptable characters include alphanumeric (letters and numbers), hyphens, spaces, apostrophes, periods, and underscores. This can be changed at any time. 

Store Name: A name for the location of the store. The most common store name format includes the city and/or address of the location.

Street Address, Country, City, State, Zip, & Phone: Provide the mailing address of the store. The State field must be a State Name (or Canadian province) or State Code. The Zip field for stores in the US or Canada must be a valid Zip Code or Postal Code.

Primary & Secondary Contact: Provide contact information for the store. The email address field must be a valid email format.

Socials: Provide the social links for the stores. You have the option to link the stores Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp pages. 

Links: You also have the option to provide the stores Menu URL, Online Ordering URL, Reservations URL, and Gift Card URL.