How do I add or remove a new data connection?

Learn how to add or remove data connections or upload data manually while logged in to delightable.

Today, Delightable offers the following data connections, with more on the way. You can connect the following data sources but cannot upload manual files yet. You can edit any existing connection. However, if you wish to disconnect a data source, please contact for help. You must have an Admin role to connect a data source in Delightable.

These are sorted by what is available vs what is coming soon. 

Special Note: When you connect a data source, the information may not be immediately available to view in delightable. The integration can take some time for the data to harmonize and become visible. 

Add an Available Connection

Point of Sale/Online Ordering Data Sources


Mailing Engines

To Edit any Existing Data Connection:

  • Log into 
    • Click Settings
    • Click Connect
    • Click on the Connection tile you wish to edit
      • Click on the name of the Connection you wish to edit from the drop-down 
      • Edit any applicable information you need to update
      • Click Add